SERGIO CARLINO - Sales Account


Sales Account

He has a strong “commercial soul” that he aquired over ten years in a popular multinational fashion company in fashion and retail and found his fertile ground in TRJ. He thinks about his work as an opportunity to grow professionally and humanly. Never tired, he loves his work so much that it becomes for him a sort of entertainment.

He is fair and straightforward. At work, he aims at building relationships based on mutual trust and respect. He loves the truth at all costs and his naturally generous and unselfish attitude permits him to do voluntary work every time he has some free time.

He is always cheerful and never gives up in the face of problems, so in life as at work. This is because he has learnt that, to face a problem, you have to focus the attention on the solution instead of the problem itself, because, on the contrary, you would waste time and energy.


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