Everyday we spend most of our time living in our workplace. Our office has to clearly reflect the image of our own activity, but most of all has to guarantee that comfort we - or our employees - need to perform well and keep focusing on achieving the goals. It is a necessary part to develop our creativity and improve our coworkers’ productivity. Offices, meeting rooms and, sometimes, leisure time corners are different parts of a single space each one with different kind of needs that have to be satisfied with suitable projects and tailor-made furniture selections.



A brand with a transversely strong character, Alias is characterised by its ability to create perfect products both for residential or for working environments. In an office environment, in particular, it offers a wide range of solutions - chairs, tables, bookshelves - designed to excel in terms of function, comfort and elegance. For the creation of products such as the extensive family of Frame chairs designed by Alberto Meda, or the renowned chair Norma by Michele De Lucchi, Alias have put into the field experience, innovation, design and cutting-edge materials, capable of fulfilling a particular function of comfort and practicality without compromising the aesthetic appearance. Ideal for all office environments, from managerial, to meeting rooms, to working offices.

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