Mosaicoon, work and leisure in Isola delle Femmine

TRJ collaborated on designing the new Mosaicoon spa headquarter in Isola delle Femmine (Palermo – Italy), opened last november 2016. A former furniture shop overlooking the gulf has been transformed in an open space, with swings, football tables, sofas and a big garden with a citrus grove.


(The headquarterand its entrance)

Mosaicoon is a sicilian Viral Media Company, specialised in producing and sharing web video campaigns. It counts 80 employees and 8 offices around the world (in Isola delle femmine, London, Madrid, Milan, New Delhi, Rome, Seoul and Singapore). It is considered one of the 15 most innovative and promising scale-ups in Europe. It boasts big clients such as Samsung, Warner Bros., P&G, Mc Donald’s, Walt Disney, Microsoft and many others. Recently, the italian former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has visited the company.

Mosaicoon headquarter building develops in three floors: a 405 mq basement, a 961 mq ground floor and a 660 mq first floor, for a total of about 2.000 mq.
The interior project has been designed by the architecture firm Squar-e Architettura – managed by the architects Francesco Briguglia and Giuseppe Di Prima – along with the Francesco Librizzi firm from Milan and supported by our team and our two partners LAGO and Alias. All the spaces have been indeed furnished with LAGO at work furnishing and completed with Alias chairs and functional Citterio tables.
In 2015 this architectural project won the “Best project” award edited by archilovers, the popular social network for architects and designers, and an article about it was published in the october edition of the prestigious magazine Ioarch.

(The architects Francesco Briguglia and Giuseppe Di Prima)

(The october edition of IoArch with the article about the project)

The offices have been designed following the latest trends of the biggest communication and tech companies of the world, that put employees life quality and wellness first and make the workplace a familiar place, in which comfort and a better productivity could live together in harmony.

(Work spaces)

(The offices with the combinable Slide sofas)

(A leisure space with the swings)

The work areas on the first floor are separated by smart panels – re-designed versions of the Et Voilà walls – that open and close depending on the needs. A wise use of the glass and of the LAGO Air system creates tidy geometries and a visual continuity with the outside and the surrounding nature.
Work and leisure spaces have been conceived in order to make the employees socialize. This viewpoint is evident in different elements such as the Air Community Table – used to share ideas and projects – the swings, the football tables and the comfortable sofas, these ones overlooking the garden, the sea and the mountains so that they can find a greater inspiration to work better.
On the first floor there is also the management office, a comfortable studio-apartment with a big domestic Air sofa and a work zone.

(Et Voilà walls)

On the basement, there are the common spaces: the 36e8 kitchen and the 12 meter long Community table, the conference hall furnished with a 6 meter long Air bookshelf and another leisure area with combinable Slide sofas.

(The common area with Community table)

According to a recent post published on Inc. magazine, Mosaicoon headquarter is one of the 6 coolest startup offices in Europe.
In the future, the project will probably include a gym, a nursery – considering that 50% of the employees are women – an exhibition space for young sicilian artists and much more. This confirms that the company is strongly willing to invest in Sicily, a place rich in brilliant minds and resources.

17 February 2017 Lightness
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