DOMENICA ROMANO - Chief financial officer


Chief financial officer

She has worked since she was 18, showing a strong and independent character right away. During these many years she gained – working in the automotive industry – a great experience in the administrative field, in management and in organizing a sales team. She does her job keeping herself up to date with new skills and new approaches to the marketplace.

She joined the TRJ team in 2010. Here she oversees everything related to the administration, managing contracts and external collaborations with legal and commercial advisors. In short, she is the real TRJ problem solver.

She is fascinated by the furniture sector. She loves to find news about it to better organize and contextualize the agency’s structure and contributing to TRJ’s growth.

She is determined and pragmatic, she doesn’t leave her work station until she has finished her tasks. She also has a great capacity of improvisation. This helps her to face everyday challenges with readiness and clarity of mind. New situations inspire her to always find new and successful solutions rather than scare her.


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